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Kitchen Counter
Space to Bake

Right now, we are limited in the amount of product and legal growth due to limited space baking at home. Looking forward, we are aiming to have a commercial kitchen space to meet our growth, and to meet your needs! 

Healthy Food
Clean Ingredients

As we grow, the Little Bee Baking co would love to be able to use clean, locally-grown, fair-trade ingredients whenever possible. So you can enjoy your sweets, knowing that you are helping your community and world while you do it!

Healthy Options

I (Emily) have always loved the challenge of combining foods that are good for your body and my love of  foods that are good for your sole. We would love to expand to offer these options to our customers. Whether for dietary, health, or life-style choices, we'd love to be able to grow to bring healthy treats to all my fellow sugar-addicts out there!

Our Vision

Help Us Grow

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